Cleaning FAQ’s


What are your rates to clean my home?

Fees are based on the size and frequency of the cleanings. Other factors that may influence the price of the cleanings include pets, children, condition of the home, and amount of dusting to be done. Every home is different which is why Maid To Sparkle first provides a telephone estimate. After the telephone estimate, Maid To Sparkle performs an in-home estimate to ensure we provide a pricing structure that is tailored to your specific home.


Is the cleaning of your home guaranteed?faqpage image

Yes. Maid To Sparkle provides a 100% guarantee that our crews clean to your specifications. Any cleaning that does not measure up, a crew will be sent to correct any situation

Are there any contracts to sign?

No. As long as we continue to provide excellent service, we will continue to appreciate your business.


Do I need to supply my own cleaning products?

No. Maid To Sparkle provides all the necessary supplies and equipment. If you prefer that we use some or all of your products, we will gladly utilize what you provide.


Do I have to be home for the cleanings?

No. Most customers are actually away at the time of the cleaning. Customers usually provide us with a key for convenience. Other customers leave a key hidden in a safe place. After the cleaning, the key is left in the home, and the house is locked when the cleaning crews leave.


Do you always send the same cleaning team?

We strive to ensure that the same people are sent to your home. Teams of two are sent to clean your home. In the unlikely event that neither team member is available to clean your home, we will contact you to either reschedule your cleaning or ask if it is okay to send in a replacement team.


Is Maid To Sparkle properly insured?

Yes. Maid To Sparkle is licensed, bonded, insured, and all employees are covered under Workmen’s Compensation. Maid To Sparkle pays all employment taxes, employees are properly screened, and employees are all citizens of the United States.


How is payment made?

Payment is made at the time of the cleaning. Maid To Sparkle accepts cash, personal check, business check, credit and debit cards. If you are payng by credit/debit card, an account will be set up at our office.


Does Maid To Sparkle offer additional services?

Yes. Besides our standard services, Maid To Sparkle will clean the inside of the oven and inside of the refrigerator.


What makes Maid To Sparkle different from other cleaning companies?

Our Customer Service program. We provide comment cards at the time of the cleaning, have an online comment card, and follow up with telephone calls to ensure your home is being cleaned the way you want.


Call us 804-382-7749 for a free telephone estimate.